Sunday, January 20, 2013

Looking Forward to 2013 and a Look Back

Starting off the new year right is important to me. I've read a few different people's approaches to setting goals and resolutions and I've taken advice from a few different people I admire. Step one was to look at 2012 and see what I've accomplished. I called out 4 important things i did each month.

It's important to look at all you've accomplished before setting goals for the new year because it's positive reinforcement for yourself. Lets be honest, when do you really give yourself much praise? Last year my main accomplishments included starting to date my wonderful boyfriend and moving in with him, completing over 30 freelance design projects and getting a new full time job. I traveled to Crested Butte, CO, Las Vegas, NV, Tahoe, Maui, Hawaii, Santa Barbra, CA, Portland, OR, Lyndon Center, VT and Yosemite National Park. I sold my first 2 greeting cards! I learned how to wakeboard and started running.

I need to cut out some of the things in my life that are taking up my time that I don't enjoy or feel obligated to do. The biggest thing in my life that I can think of is my freelance work. From this point forward I am not taking on any freelance work because it's "extra money." I don't need the money, I have a full time job. I will only take on freelance work if it will be an asset to my portfolio in my quest to become an art director. Or if I truly enjoy the work and client. Other things that take up my time that I don't like doing are laundry, fixing/setting up computers, going to the post office, writing contracts and invoicing.

2012 was full of fun relationship things, it's been awesome. In 2013 I want to reintroduce more of the things I love into my life while still doing fun relationship things. I want to attend art shows and museum exhibits, I will run a half marathon in September. I also want to travel internationally this year.

My main goals for 2013 are:
- Save for a downpayment on a house
- Create and sell more greeting card designs
- Extend my brand and work towards becoming an art director

 My phrase for 2013 is "Spend less, Create more."

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