Friday, April 2, 2010

Brute Labs- Designing for the good of it

I attended a talk last night at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View called Small Talks, Big Ideas: BRUTE LABS.
It was really f-ing awesome. BRUTE LABS is a small group of young people dedicated to action. They are changing the world, utilizing any resources they have and seeking the support of their peers. They use design and technology to address global challenges such as poverty, education, health care, human services, environmental improvement and much more. They organize end to end solutions, bringing together volunteers from around the world to help drive innovative new solutions for the world's most pressing issues.

I got to see a verity of projects they have worked on. It was very inspiring. . . and made me question if I can be more like BRUTE LABS. I work for a non profit biomedical research company (Gladstone) and we do research mainly for AIDS, Alzheimer's Disease, and Cardiovascular disease. So I guess in a way I am contributing to social causes, but not in the same super cool way Brute is. I guess the big difference is I don't really see many results from my labor. And I don't make enough tee shirts. Kidding.

I also donated a painting to the Hospitality House which is another non profit ( They help homeless People in the Tenderloin make art and help many homeless and low-income people to be empowered to unite their voices to stimulate social change. But still where are the results from this? What changes did I make?

As creative people we have voices and if we choose to make them heard they can make a change.

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