Friday, August 28, 2009

Gladstone Golf Tournament

Yesterday we had our annual Gladstone golf tournament. There were 4 teams (GICD, GIVI, GIND, and Admin). In a stunning display of golfing skill producing 10 birdies in 18 holes, the GIND team beat back all comers and won the 2009 Gladstone Cup. GIVI finished -6, Admin +2 and GICD +4. I was on the Admin team and we finished in third place, next year we will take the cup. We played at Presidio in the city. This was the first time I played here, and it won't be the last. The course is beautiful and the weather was fantastic. I won most improved player, watch out LPGA!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

30 Year T-shirt

Here is a Tee I designed for an in-house contest. I have to represent the department, it's embarrassing when someone in Neuro wins the art competitions. The theme is "30 years of scientific excellence." I drew all of the directors as bobble-heads.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Recently there have been many changes in my life. Change is good, but not easy. Sometimes I stop, step back from my life and ask myself "is this working for me?" And usually I can say "no" to a number of things. Many things I do in life I have learned from my parents, friends, and/or teachers and never question because that's all I know. The more educated I have become the more I have started to question, and more changes have taken place.
Recently I have been exposed to a higher level of design then I knew existed. Not only talent-wise, but design that makes a change in the world. Design that connects people, inspires people, and in some cases saves lives. This change has been mind blowing. This knowledge takes everything I have been working on for the past 8 years and puts it in a new perspective. Where I thought I was and where I really am are very different. And before all of the classes, talks, and events I didn't have this new scale to weigh my career. It's humbling, and at times frustrating.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I work in-house for The J. David Gladstone Institute and I sit in a cubicle. And our cubes are in 6 packs. . My scientists come down to visit me and go over figures all the time, and they always take Reven's extra chair to sit in. He always makes comments like "you are going to have to pay rent on that chair," or "that's my chair do you have permission to sit there," but I just ignore him. Yesterday my favorite scientist came down to go over some changes on figures, and he took the special chair to sit in. I guess that was the last straw for Reven. This morning someone who shall remain nameless pulled the chair out to sit on like many people do and fell to the floor. Sometime during the night Rteven removed 2 of the wheels so that the chair still rolls but when you sit it throws you to the floor. I have never seen anything this funny ever. I can't wait for some of the scientists to come take a seat. I'm going to invite people I don't like to come down so I can see them get thrown to the floor. This is the start of something beautiful.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Design Class

I've been taking a Design class at CCA for the last 8 weeks with Jacob Gardner (he works at Chronicle Books). It has been great to be critiqued. Having homework has been a bit of a trip. I might take a Typography Class at the Art Academy in the fall but I'm not sure if I can fit it into my schedule. This logo is one of the assignments I did for class.
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