Ninja List

1. Paint fancy drinks
2. Get 500 linkedin connections
3. Get 500 Twitter followers
4. Create new business identity for Sweetooth
5. Move my blog to a better platform. 
6. Make work
7. Print new business cards with blog and Twitter info
8. Make a Sweetooth fb page
9. Catch up on 2011 books and invoices
10. Get 3000 hits a month on my blog
11. Create an etsy shop
12. Make a 2011 Christmas card, and do it every year
13. Make a yearly birthday card for everyone I know
14. Frame 20 small paintings and group them on a wall together
15. Buy a house
16. Make my online portfolio an art director portfolio
17. Design a greeting card a day for a solid month
18. Submit my work to SkinIt
19. Submit my work to headphone co
20. Attend Surtex in May 2012 
21. Have a booth at Surtex 2013
22. Have a solo gallery show
23. Be in the LI alumni newspaper
24. Update my AIGA profile
25. Paint a collection of shoes
26. Paint a collection of flowers
27. Change my blog banner seasonally 
28. Go to Thailand
29. Go to Japan
30. Go to Ireland
31. Buy my parents a new TV
32. 10 informational interviews with art directors
33. Meet the man of my dreams
34. Marry that man
35. Go to a Wilson family reunion
36. Get back into golf
37. Visit all 50 states 
38. Get a Cannon camera
39. Get an iPad (09/08/11)
40. Configure my web site for the iPad
41. Make hand made Christmas ornaments
42. Buy designer sunglasses
43. Buy a designer purse 
44. Get a vajazzle 
45. Have an herb garden
46. Instagram at Goodwill
46. Become a badass hooper
47. Get a French manicure with a weird color
48. Go to Austin Texas 
49. Create a weekly column for my blog
50. Get a guest writer for my blog
51. Make a cookbook of all of my recipes
52. Make Melissa's wedding invitations 
53. Comment on 10 of my favorite blogs
54. Pay off my credit card debt
55. Make a list of all of the things I need to pack when I travel
56. Connect with 5 gluten free bloggers
57. Read every John Steinbeck book
58. Create a Wordpress blog 
59. Update my MassArt online profile 
60. Attend 3 blogger meet ups 
61. Get tickets to NYC for May 2012
62. Design a scrap-booking kit
63. Create an Urban Mom collection
64. Offer advertising on my blog
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