Sunday, June 16, 2013

DIY Card Line - Spring Cleaning

Summer is right around the corner (June 21st) and I have a few DIY spring cleaning projects I want to get done before then. My first project was inspired by a visit to my old apartment. My former roommates still live there and I saw this greeting card "clothesline" that I made a long time ago. This is a place where greeting cards and photos can be displayed for all to see rather then being tucked away in a drawer, plopped on the refrigerator or recycled. It's really cute and it updates it's self based on what mail you get. When It gets full I start replacing the old with the new.

This is my refrigerator before this project:

To make this Card Line all you need are some nails (and a hammer) or pushpins, some heavy floss, embroidery floss, or hemp & mini clothes pins.  Find a good space on a wall and measure about 10 inches between the placement of each Card Line. I would make 2-4 lines depending on how many cards and photos you receive. Make a little pencil X on the wall to mark where the nails will go. Hammer in your nails and then tie on the string. After your lines are hung layout all the cards and photos you have on the floor to get a feel for how you want to display them. Then, attach with mini clothes pins and you are done.

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