Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Work on Licensing Collections

The new year has brought a lot of change in my life. I have made one new year's resolution that I actually intend to keep. I am committing my self to making one licensing collection every month this year. I have been "working" on my licensing collections for 5 years now but never really gotten anywhere with it. I decided it's time to take action. My January collection is called: I Heart Bacon, and yes it's all about bacon. I actually started 2 collections for February: Cherry nice which is a mixture of cherries, cupcakes (my favorite thing to paint) and swirls. And a candy hearts collection for Valentine's Day.

I also have a wonderful intern working with me who is helping me update my website among many other things. I have gone through all of the collections I have started and organized them to see what I actually have. Another thing I will be working on is getting all of those collections up to speed and posting them to my site. My collections include snowman, Halloween treats, halloween monsters, birthday treats, Valentine's Day cookies and many other cool designs.

I am also attending monthly licensing meetings in the East Bay and it has helped me to see what other Licensing Artists are working on. I set a new goal every month and then we show what we worked on in the next meeting. It's good to have a support group.

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