Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sweetooth Blog Moodboard

This is a moodboard that describes my style as an artist and blogger. I am taking a blogging class right now that is teaching me how to make my blog better, so far so good. I'm sure you've noticed all of the changes occurring on my blog. It's really challenging because I am doing a lot of self exploration and writing, two things I'm not used to. It's a growing experience and I recommend this class to anyone who wants to focus and improve their blog.


barn swallow press said...

Hi Alisha,

Nice to meet you! Thanks for your kind comment, I love your blog as well. Great mood boards. I haven't tried to do one yet but hopefully before BYW class ends.

desha peacock said...

Hey Alisha, cool Moodboard and congrats on your flip phone designs- how amazing is that? Good for you!
So, you're from VT, but living in San Fran? Lovely place~
Look me up if ever in Brattleboro!
xoxo Desha

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