Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Friday - Preparing for a trip

I am taking a trip to Las Vegas and Colorado starting next Monday. I will spend the first three days in Vegas for a friends bachelorette party and the rest of the time in Colorado visiting my brother who just had a baby girl six weeks ago, her name is River Wilson. My mom is staying in Colorado to spend time with the new baby and enjoy some nature. I am so excited to see the new addition to my family. River is my fifth niece or nephew.

I was gathering my travel painting supplies and I grabbed one of my many watercolor sketch books and found this painting I did of my brother in 2006. Charlie has been traveling around the world going to music festivals and Rainbow Gatherings until recently. It always amazes me how different all of my brothers and sisters are (all four of us). We do have one thing in common, we are all creative and were raised in a very accepting environment that fostered whatever it was we wanted to become.  I am truly thankful that my parents let me be what I always have been, and supported me through all of my crazy art projects, art school, and beyond. Happy Friday and I actually mean that. 

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