Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweetooth's 3rd Birthday

Today is my Blog's third birthday! Happy Birthday Sweetooth! Threee years ago I didn't know what a blog was, or what I would use it for. I joined a Plen Air Painting club with my old coworker Tony Papini. We would go all around San Francisco and sit outside and paint the scenes. I even went off on my own and painted Tahoe, and Santa Barbra. 

Tony told me about his blog and insisted that I needed one as well. So, I signed up on blogger and shazam I had a blog. It started out as a place to post my paintings and other random happenings about work and what not, with no major focus. 

This year however my blog has gotten a facelift, a new name and some major goals. I decided that my blog is going to be a portal for me to get my art into the world and start building an awareness around my art licensing brand Sweetooth Studios. So I named it Sweetooth, and am now focusing on all things sweet as sugar. A lot of art licensing companies are more and more aware of your online followings (ie bolg hits, web sites, and your twitter following @AlishaWilson). When I was working with Flip Video the artists with followings were making a lot more sales then those without. 

I took a class called Blogging Your Way and it really took things to the next level for me. I recommend it for anyone who has a blog but doesn't know why they have one. 

Tony has always been an inspiration to me he is a driven painter and practly lives in his art studio when he is not working his full time job. When we were working together about a year ago Tony told me that he was going to do a 4" X 6" painting every day for an entire year. I was impressed and interested to see if this Julie and Julia type of expearment would actually be accomplished. 

A year later, including a break up, a move, and working a full time job, Tony has finished 365 paintings in 365 days. Impressive. I am amazed and inspired at this accomplishment. I work a lot, and I always feel like I could be doing more, expecially when I see a project of this magnatude compleated. So I wanted to thank Tony for being such a driven person and inspiring me to blog about my work. Bon Job! 

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