Tuesday, September 13, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 1

I'm doing a 30 day challenge where I do a blog post each day for 30 days based on this 30 Day Challenge List. Feel free to do the same and send me a link to your challenge.

1. Five ways to win your heart

This is a funny post, and something I have had a lot of time to think about in my single life. Although I don't think there is a magic recipe to "win my heart," and chemistry has a lot to do with falling in love, there are a few things that I admire in potential suitors LOL. 

Be the best you. I am always striving to learn more and do more and be the best me I can be. I would like to be with someone who is on a path that betters them. Turn on. 

Be romantic. I'm a total sucker for romance and it comes in many forms. There's the cheesy flowers and stuff (which is nice), but the best type of romance is when the other person does little things that lets you know they are thinking about you. Swoon.

Make my Life easier. I am busy all the time, and I work a lot. I haven't been in a relationship in a long time where I felt that the other person made my life easier in any way (actually just the opposite). It would be so amazing if a guy did anything to make my life less work, or less stress. Amazeballz. 

Be a cuddler. I'm a toucher. I haven't read the book, but I'm pretty sure my love language is touch. I love to cuddle, hug, kiss, and give and get back rubs. Back rubs are a sure way to my heart. Not to mention it sucks to hug yourself, it just looks silly. 

Be passionate. I LOVE what I do, and I want to be with someone who loves what they do. It makes for better dinner conversation. TRUST ME. 


StarletStarlet said...

Hey Alisha! It's awesome that you're doing the 30 days challenge.

I can relate to day 1 challenge tons. Not only because I'm a hopeless romantic (cough), but I love how you interprete each one. Especially the best type of romance! I can't agree with you more.

Looking forward for another 29 challenges!

Alisha Wilson said...

Thanks Starlet! I'm excited to post them. I live in the the Bay Area too! Nice Blog BTW :)

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