Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Day Challenge - Day 4

I'm doing a 30 day challenge where I do a blog post each day for 30 days based on this 30 Day Challenge List. Feel free to do the same and send me a link to your challenge.

4. Bullet your whole day

• Got up at 7:00 am with the help of my alarm
• Posted to my blog, facebooked and tweeted that post
• Showered
• Turned on Pandora to the Sara Bareilles station
• Did my hair
• Made tea with sugar and half & half
• Did my makeup
• Walked to the Caltrain at 8:15
• Realized I was looking at the wrong schedule
• Waited at the Caltrain for 20 min
• Got off the Caltrain and walked to work, forgot to tag off 
• Did some research on the computer about iPad app design
• Hung up my mood board with a really loud staple gun and my shoe
• Went to Wallgreens to pick up my prescription 
• Walked to Ozone to meet my friend Julian for lunch
• Realized that he said Osha and hopped in a cab to meet him
• Ordered lamb and chicken skewers for an app and pad see ew for lunch
• Julian and I talked about a tons of BFF stuff including his movie Electronic Awakening
• Walked back to work
• Got a text from Sarah and she wanted to do dinner, I said cool.
• Downloaded Balsamiq and Xcode, and worked on some iPad app wireframes
• Made a list of all of the stuff I need to get from my studio
• Went home via the Caltrain, did not forget to tag off
• Went home and took some pictures of a book for a blog post 
• Got another text from Sarah telling me dinner was off because everyone was canceling
• Decided to get my nails done
• Went to the salon 
• Came home and ate leftovers, yum
• Watched Restaurant Impossible and worked on my blog
• Brushed my teeth and washed my face 
• Bed time


Dreamer said...
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StarletStarlet said...

Looked like a busy and productive day.

I lovee Osha; can't get enuv of their yummy meal!

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