Sunday, September 11, 2011

Street Art - San Francisco and Beyond

Over the past few years I have fallen deeply in love with street art. I see it everywhere, on the side walks, on buildings, on bridges, even trees.

Now, I'm not onto the shitty tagging gangs and assholes do that freakin' ruins people's personal property. I'm into creative stencil art, paste ups and crochet graffiti. There is probably a fine line between these two, but that's a discussion for another time.   

I went to art school and it was really okay to draw on the walls. I think people are realizing that street art is worth something. Especially when someone will pay tens of thousands of dollars to cut a Banksy off of a wall, or the fact that an entire community was in an uproar when someone unknowingly painted over one of Banksy's masterpieces. I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, which taught me a lot about how people make street art, and who some of the major players are. I was also fortunate enough to see several Invaders when I went to Germany last year. I'm also really into Jeremy Novy's Koi Fish. 

I'm always snapping pictures of cool street art and wanted to put it all together in a post for my readers to see. I also recently fell in love with Instagram, which I've used to put some radical filters on these badass pics. Would love to give these artists credit, so if you know who they are leave a comment. Heck, just leave a comment if you have something to say about street art. 

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